Base on some factors such as effective role of seals in automotive’s quality, and Impressive progress of science in improving quality of Industrial production; this company could have guaranteed reaching to high quality products and ensuring optimal performance in minimum time by using To-date knowledge and tools like analytical soft wares in different fields.


Types of analysis

Engineering analysis has been divided into three basic category in this company:

1- Fluid flow analysis in die and its optimization to achieve uniform flow and ensuring the quality of products

2- Structural/ critical metal parts analysis

3- Functional analysis of rubber and plastic products to calculate the required assemble/disassemble force before production and modify the design, if it was needed.

4- Deformation analysis in use in the 3D modelling


• Increasing design speed
• Increasing the quality and accuracy of products
• The possibility of manufacturing complex components
• Possibility to produce a wide range of thermoplastic, thermoset and elastomer parts
• Ensuring the strength of the structures with high safety factor while they are used in production or test.
• Modification of the material or process of production to achieve the desired performance test results before production (according to customer requirements)
• Reduce waste
• Reduce energy consumption