Lightweight and soft sponge rubber profiles products are used in several applications such as sealing sealant, Duster, the stabilizer.

Due to the characteristics of rubber products, rubber sponge has distinct benefits over other products which will improve the development of industrial applications.Besides being uniquely flexible software applications for this product are due. These products are of a high standard and are highly resistant to temperature and environmental conditions (characteristics such as long life, good compressibility (elasticity), excellent resistance to ozone and oxidation).

Open Cell Sponge

Open Cell Sponges are gasketing and padding materials composed of connected cells that allow air or gas to pass through when compressed. These sponges offer good compression set characteristics, and typically rebound faster than closed cell sponges. Available in Soft and Medium densities.

Closed Cell Sponge

Closed Cell Sponges are neoprene/EPDM polymers for gasketing and sealing applications that require a soft, compressible material. These sponges are extremely impermeable to water, and good choices for shock absorption, weather sealing and thermal barriers. Available in Soft, Medium, Medium-firm, Firm and X-firm densities.

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