With over 18 years of experience in the rubber sealing industry PouyaGostar is a trusted partner in supplying custom-built sealing solutions (Sealing Systems). Its large range of specialist compounds combined with its design and testing capabilities has maintained PouyaGostar’s position as a leading supplier of world class solutions in Iran and Middle East.

Our highly experienced engineers working throughout our technical and sales departments at our state of the art facility are always happy to advise on materials and product design, ensuring you receive a component matched to your needs.

PouyaGostar Engineered Products Division of PouyaGostar Sealing Systems extrudes Rubber, Silicone, and other Thermoplastic Elastomers with or without roll formed metal carriers. We are the authority on adhesive and non-adhesive bonding of Rubber to Metal as well as with other coatings and materials.

Here at PouyaGostar we believe in working with you to provide a solution tailored to your needs. We can help you Design, Validate, and Manufacture your extruded application. Our engineering staff includes leading experts in roll forming, extrusion, and bonding technologies. With our leading edge design, finite element analysis, and manufacturing capabilities, we are able to provide rapid prototypes for evaluation quickly and then on to production!

Typical applications and markets include:

- Rubber seals

- Transportation

- Railroad

- Industrial extruded profiles applications.

Rubber Profiles

The natural ability of EPDM Rubber to withstand ambient harsh weather, water and temperature extremes makes it an outstanding choice for use in Architectural Profiles, Weather Seals, Windshield Rubber, Weather Strips, Door Rubber and other exterior applications. EPDM rubber profiles provide superior UV & Ozone resistance; long life and elasticity. As a result, EPDM is a highly valued material in the automotive Industry (passenger cars, truck, buses) which represents 60% of world wide EPDM usage. Within this category, sealing systems is the largest application (40%). Rubber Sealing systems are profiles used in a car to close gaps between various body parts(e.g. Door profiles, trunk profiles, window profiles).

Rubber profiles are used in weather stripping to seal doors, windows and trunks in the automotive industry. Rubber extrusions / profiles have many applications like sealing, noise control, vibration control and decorative trim besides keeping rain water and dust from entering the vehicle cabin.

PouyaGostar (Khorasan, IRAN) provides a wide range of rubber extrusions / profiles including U-Channels, P-profiles and other unique shapes. The usage of EPDM rubber on the profiles assures high quality weather stripping for the automotive industry.

Types of rubber extrusions / profiles:

-Hood seal

-Cowl seal

-Front window seal

-Glass run channel

-Sun roof seal

-Rear vent window

-Rear window seal

-Trunk seal

-Decorative edge trim

-Door seals

-Belt weather strip

-Vert seal

Rubber Extrusions

The Engineered Products Division of PouyaGostar Sealing Systems extrudes EPDM profiles for many Rubber Seal and Trim applications. With the ability to produce co-extruded EPDM profiles, we can offer our customers more options in their Product Design. We have the ability to reduce the density and produce dual density rubber extrusions with supported metal carriers as well.

Our vulcanized Rubber extrusions are used globally in a wide range of applications and markets, including:

- Rubber Seals

- Rubber Gaskets

- Automotive Rubber Seals

- Window Seals

- Railcars and Ships

- Automotive Trim

- Enclosure Seals

Our in-house, industry-leading material experts allow us the opportunity to custom blend compounds and match the ideal material properties to the application.

Our Rubber gaskets and seals can be produced with compounds that are resistant to:

- Heat/Cold

- Compression Set

- Wear

- Aging

- Friction

- Fatigue

- Abrasion

- Color Fade

Custom Gaskets and Extruded Rubber Seals

With the ability to assist in Customer Design Optimization, our engineers tailor solutions to your unique application or design criteria. Virtually limitless design and material options are at your disposal with our worldwide network of R & D Centers. Some of our unique innovative design solutions have been used in Automotive Rubber Seals, Window and door seals, Trunk/hood Gaskets, and Body side molding to name of few.


We use our cross head extrusion capability to extrude rubber over various types of metal carriers. This reinforces the extrusion giving it excellent retention properties. Some examples of metal carriers include:

- Cold rolled steel (CRS) wire carrier

- Cold rolled steel (CRS) wire carrier with melting warp (1.10" std. width)

- Stainless Steel wire carrier (1.10" std width)

Sponge Rubber

Sponge rubber differs from cellular rubber in that it is has a mixed open and closed cell structure. This rubber material has a high compression elasticity and good resilience. It is available as natural or synthetic rubber in forms such as chloroprene, EPDM, silicone, Buna or fluorine rubber. The raw materials used bond particularly well with the special material structure of sponge rubber. At first glance sponge rubber appears to have the same appearance as cellular rubber. Closer inspection will reveal the difference. Inside, sponge rubber has a mixed open and closed cell structure.


PouyaGostar sponge rubber profile and round cord have a high compression elasticity combined with particularly good resilience. Under light pressure the profile flexes out to the surrounding surfaces making a perfect seal.


Sponge rubber profiles are available with various degrees of softness. Soft profiles are used in applications involving light closing pressures while hard profiles are more suited to heavy closing pressures. The softness of sponge rubber is varied by using special mixes and by varying its volume by weight, i.e. its density.


All PouyaGostar sponge rubber profiles have a thick outer skin. Inside they have the fine porous structure characteristic of sponge rubber. There are two methods for manufacturing sponge rubber profile: molding and extrusion.

Technical data

-Excellent sealing properties (with skin)

-High compressibility

-Good insulation properties

-Easy to work

-EPDM - mixture with high temperature and ageing resistance

-CR/NBR - mixture with high flame retardance rating and high resistance to oils